Meta Quest for Education

Meta Quest for Education offers essential tools for managing users, devices, and custom apps, along with customer support, to deliver secure & effective XR experiences in educational settings.

User Management

User Management

Education-Focused MDM Integration

Seamless integration with popular education-specific MDM solutions for managing student access, app deployment, content filtering, and device security.


App Management

App Management

Curated Educational App Library

Provide access to a curated library of high-quality educational XR apps and experiences designed for various subjects and grade levels.


Device Management

Device Management

Easy Device Setup for Classrooms

 Streamline the headset setup process for IT Administrators with intuitive onboarding tutorials and easy enrollment into school networks.

Reimagine work with

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

Superfast Performance

A Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm processor and 12GB of RAM mean all your VR apps load fast and run smoothly.

Meta Quest Pro

All Day Comfort

A 40% slimmer optical stack and counterbalanced design mean it’s easier to work for longer in VR.

Meta Quest Pro

Mixed Reality

Blend your physical and virtual environments with full-color mixed reality passthrough.

Meta Quest Pro

Precision Control

Self-tracking controllers precisely locate your hands in VR, while a stylus tip makes note taking easier than ever.

It's All in the Details

World-class comfort with high resolution, real-time expression tracking, advanced controllers, superior optics, and high-performance hardware, offering immersive VR/MR experiences.


World-class counter-balanced ergonomics meets sleek design to create a more comfortable headset.


Full-color mixed reality, with resolution 4X higher compared to Quest 2, lets you work, create and collaborate in the virtual world while staying present in the physical world.


Real-time expression tracking allows your avatar to mimic your facial expression. Smiles, eyebrow raises, winks and all.


Includes three cameras and a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller, for 360-degree range of motion in your virtual space. TruTouch haptic feedback and precision pinch create a more intuitive VR feel. Up to 8 hours of controller battery life. Battery life varies by usage.


You'll immediately notice better visual clarity. We slimmed down the optical stack by over 40% compared to Quest 2 using our innovative patented pancake lens and optics technology, which works by folding light inside the optical module. Advanced VR LCD display technology that provides 37% greater pixels-per-inch. And 1.3X larger color gamut that provides more vibrant colors to deliver a more engaging VR experience.


Meta Quest Pro comes with 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, spatial audio, 256 GB storage, 12 GB RAM and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor that delivers 50% more power for better performance.


Peace of mind comes from knowing that you can still access the Meta Quest 2 app catalogue to enjoy all of your favorite games, entertainment apps and more.


Pop open multiple resizable screens, work on new ideas, stream your feeds or message with friends. With this new superpower, multitasking has never been easier.


A companion charging dock, with rapid USB-C power adapter, keeps your headset and controllers charged so that when creativity strikes, you'll be ready to bring your ideas to life. Meta Quest Pro can also charge while using with the 2-metre charging cable and cable clip included with each Meta Quest Pro.


Accommodated IPD range: 55-75 mm, with continuous IPD adjustment for better visual clarity and less eye strain. From fully open peripheral vision, to partial blocked (included) or fully immersed (accessory) VR impressiveness is no longer a one-size-fits-all.

Reimagine work with

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3

Mixed Reality

Crystal-clear, full-color passthrough keeps you grounded in the real world while working on a project, thanks to 10x more pixels in passthrough compared to Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3

Ultimate Comfort

Our redesigned, 40% thinner optic profile features a more customizable fit than Meta Quest 2, so everyone can be immersed in work with comfort.

Meta Quest 3

Empower Your Work

With more than double the processing power and nearly 30% higher resolution than Meta Quest 2, you’ll see faster load times and crisper details that make your new virtual work experiences even more immersive.

Meta Quest 3

Work Naturally

Our redesigned Touch Plus controllers put you in charge over your virtual work environment in a natural and intuitive way.

It's All in the Details

World-class comfort with high resolution, real-time expression tracking, advanced controllers, superior optics, and high-performance hardware, offering immersive VR/MR experiences.


With Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, the most powerful technology we’ve ever put in a headset, you get super fast load times and a smooth experience that keeps you in the moment. So whether you’re completely absorbed in a virtual training session or putting the final touches on your design in mixed reality, expect to be fully immersed in your work.


With a nearly 30% leap in resolution compared to Meta Quest 2, the virtual world of work just got a lot more real. Inspect the smallest pixel in your design or read text in passthrough with ease. Expect a crystal-clear experience that keeps you in the moment and completely immersed in the task at hand.


We’ve got the hardware, the software and the partnerships to set you on the path to the right virtual solutions for your business. Today. This is cutting edge technology with a price designed for teams, and with our Meta Quest for Business you can easily control and maintain as many VR headsets as your organization needs.


Bring your true self to the virtual office with customizable Avatars of all shapes, traits and sizes. Pick your perfect style, change it depending on mood and situation, and let your personality shine.


Soft adjustable strap accommodates a variety of head shapes and hairstyles. Hard strap is available and sold separately. Pancake optics create a 40% slimmer optic profile to reduce weight and distribute it more comfortably to making Quest 3 easier to wear for extended periods.


Get full-color, high-fidelity views of your surroundings, and see virtual objects appear in your physical space. Accurate depth projection and room mapping gives you freedom to move throughout your space and interact with virtual characters or objects in the room around you.


Our new and improved ring-free Touch Plus controllers allow for fine-tuned precision, and enhance haptics to bring a more natural sensation when working in VR. Feel like you’re holding a real tool when training, or tweak 3D designs as if you were sculpting it with your hands.


Feel like you’re surrounded by the action with a new level of spatial sound. Enjoy enhanced sound clarity and bass performance — plus a 40% louder audio range than Quest 2 — for the most immersive experience yet.


If you’ve already immersed your business in VR you can keep using all your Meta Quest 2 experiences thanks to backward compatibility. All you need to do is to swap out the headsets and get ready to put your tools to better use than ever.


Work with tools you can trust, with granular controls and security features that will make your IT department breathe easy. Use Meta Quest for Business to put privacy and safety at the heart of your VR work solutions.




2.2 hours:
As with most battery powered devices, battery life is dependent on various factors such as device settings, usage, age of battery, Bluetooth usage, and wireless conditions.


Interactive, Casting, & Privacy Security


Immersive Classroom Collaboration

Facilitate interactive learning through virtual field trips, collaborative science experiments, historical recreations, and other engaging experiences.


Student-Led Projects & Presentations

Empower students to create and share their own XR projects, presentations, and simulations, fostering creativity and digital literacy.


Dedicated Education Support Team

Offer priority technical support and resources specifically for educators, including troubleshooting guides, online forums, and dedicated support channels.


Bulk Device Management for IT

Enable efficient management of multiple headsets across classrooms and schools through a centralized dashboard for updates, monitoring, and support.


Privacy-First Approach

Prioritize student privacy with robust data encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with relevant educational privacy regulations.


Quickly understand the answers to frequently asked questions about Meta Quest for Education.

What is the warranty period for the headset?

The headset comes with one to two-year warranty. For detailed warranty terms, please contact your dealer.

How can I apply for repairs for a headset under warranty and how long will it take to receive the repaired headset?

To apply for repairs, please contact your respective dealer. Once the headset is sent to the repair center, users can expect to receive the repaired headset within two weeks (excluding national holidays).

If the headset is upgraded to the education version, can regular users log in?

Yes! The education version headset must be logged in with a user account that has educational rights to access special educational functions. However, it does not affect other users from logging in and using the regular consumer functions of the headset.

Is the headset authorized by the official (Meta) for use in education or business?

The headset we represent is an officially authorized version, not a personal consumer version.

If a government or school unit has already purchased a consumer version headset, can it be upgraded to the education version for a fee?

Not necessarily. Please write to with the unit name and headset serial number for further information.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Please contact your respective dealer for details.

Begin your VR education journey today. Contact us for further details.