Engaging patients with their Digital Twin for
modern patient education
What is DigiTwin?

DigiTwin converts 2D patient medical images (MRI, CT scans) into 3D virtual images in less than 30 seconds. This technology for healthcare virtual reality and medicine virtual reality allows clinicians to engage patients with their digital twin for improved patient education, shared decision making and better treatment plans.

Choose DigiTwin if you are
A clinician

Better connect with and educate patients so as to more efficiently reach shared decisions and formulate appropriate treatment plans.

A wellness center

Attract patients who wish to spend more time with their health providers to learn about their health conditions in detail and take part in treatment decisions.

Fast conversion

Convert patient diagnostic images (e.g., MRI, CT scans) into 3D virtual images in less than 30 seconds

Hassle-free interface
Help clinicians observe what the patient is seeing and how the patient is interacting with his or her digital twin
Useful tools
Utilize precise annotation and measure tools to better understand certain regions of interest and their dimensions
Real-time sharing
Instantly share medical knowledge, patient information, and second-opinion diagnosis among clinicians