Comprehensive Cross Reference

The traditional acupuncture manikin has several limitations to fulfill the training needs. Thanks to the latest visualization technique, AcuMap is designed to leapfrog current acupuncture training and simulation in its comprehensive and medically accurate mapping of generic human body with several amazing interactive features. Our strict data reconstruction and design methods shape the very foundation to assist acupuncture and dry needling training.


Meridian Flows

Display the flows of invisible meridians throughout the body for better understanding their functionalities in clinical treatment.

Origin and Path Tracing

Not only trace the pathway and origin of invisible meridians. Users can also discover the intersection among meridians, nerves conduction, circulatory or lymphatic flows.


Comprehensive Cross Reference

Through reconstructing human bodies based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scan and laser scanning, AcuMap brings the very best of human anatomy to complement TCM education and training, and to eliminate the conceptual hurdle in understanding the complexity and mystery of invisible acupuncture meridians relating to anatomical structures.


Our double sided rendering allows you to take a journey inside human body.




Move / Rotate

Use controller to easily move or rotate the virtual body in the confined space.

Scale up / down

Enlarge the virtual body up to 7 times to observe the details of anatomical structures.


Hide the specific structure to observe the inner or the region of interest.


Contrast the specific structure with region of interest and bring out more anatomy information or interactive flows in different systems.

Simulation with Amazing Visualization Tools

Simulate various acupuncture and needling techniques in virtual world. Needles can be placed in multiple acupuncture points or the very same point with different angles and depths to understand various treatment practices.

During each simulation, a real-time depth indicator accompanied by inner eye display window are activated to observe how an actual needle goes through anatomical region of interest associated with acupuncture point and meridian. Users can also apply controller Hide or Highlight feature for additional visualization purposes.



Photograph and export any scene in the virtual world to your computer for future reference and study.


Activate male or female English voice through controller Highlight feature.


Instructor can host an online session for multiple users. As in the virtual space, all participants can always see the real-time instruction from their best angle of view.

Build Your VR Anatomy Classroom

TCM Advisory Board

Listed alphabetically

Jason Bussell



Jason Bussell earned his PhD in acupuncture from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. In his research, he developed a technique that improves memory and test performance, and which reduces anxiety. Jason is also the first acupuncturist to be awarded and complete a post-doctoral fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He also earned Masters Degrees in public health and in business at Johns Hopkins University. Jason is on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Acupuncturists, is President Emeritus of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and served as Vice-Chairman of the Illinois State Department of Professional Regulation’s Acupuncture Board.

Yung-Hsien Chang



Yung-Hsien Chang received his MD (cum laude) from the University of Hamburg, Germany after obtaining his Doctor of Chinese Medicine in China Medical University in 1972. His distinctive experience includes Vice-Chancellor of China Medical University, Vice-President of China Medical University Hospital, and Honorary Professor in several prestigious universities in China, Romania, Switzerland and UK. During Yung-Hsien’s academic and governmental positions, he has over 20 publications and 150 SCI papers, and is endeavoring to modernize TCM globally through scientific approaches to minimize the diagnostic deviation level among patient consultations.

Hung-Chien Wu



Hung-Chien Wu obtained his MD and PhD in TCM from the China Medical University. He was adjunct professor of several medical schools, and served as the director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at the University of Advanced Medical Sciences in Taiwan. Hung-Chien has devoted himself to acupuncture clinical and research for more than 20 years, and invented unique acupuncture techniques in the areas of auricular, scalp and hand needling. He had served in several TCM hospitals in Taiwan and is currently the president of Esheng Chinese Medicine Clinic. Hung-Chien is also assisting the Acupoint integration and correction of AcuMap to ensure it meets the most stringent requirements.

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