Revolutionizing the future of acupuncture training

Visualize meridian pathways and acupoints which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye

Leveraging proprietary BodyMap technology, AcuMap allows users to overlay meridian pathways and acupoints against human anatomical systems of the body, and also simulate acupuncture techniques on various acupoints with instant haptic feedback and interactive visualization tools including depth information and angle insertion readings.

Choose ACUMap if you are

An educator of acupuncture

Overcome limitations of teaching with traditional acupuncture manikins, conduct more effective dry needling training.

A practitioner of acupuncture

Refine specific needling procedures prior to initiating treatment on actual patients.

A researcher

Conduct research studies to assess how VR- and technology-based solutions affect cognitive behaviors and information retention.

An institution

Attract students looking for technology-based learning solutions to enhance traditional teaching methods. Reach more students remotely so that those not in physical attendance may still participate in learning.

Key Features

300+ Acupoints

Visualization of 300+ acupoint locations along 14 Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian pathways

14 Meridians

Comparison of 14 Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian pathways against 12 main body systems

Haptic Simulation

During acupuncture needling simulations, users receive light haptic feedback when piercing through the skin and strong haptic feedback when hitting bone

Question Bank

Question bank of 3000 anatomy quiz questions and categorized result feedback to assess understanding

Instant Magnification

Instant magnification and visualization tools during simulation training, with depth and angle of instrument insertion, e.g., syringe, displayed in real time


Multi-player use with instant sharing of medical knowledge between instructors and students in real time

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