Custom Projects

Our company has experience working with clients to deliver a wide range of custom projects. Whether it’s creating 3D VR reconstruction of patient-specific CT and MRI scans for surgical planning, assisting clients with live or video product demonstrations for health seminar events, or other project types listed below, MAI is ready to take on your project requests.

Pre-operative Surgical Planning
Client: Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Year: 2017

Our team at MAI performed 3D VR reconstruction of an actual patient’s CT and MRI scans for the purpose of pre-operative skull base surgical planning at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. This allowed the surgeon to better visualize the location of the lesion and simulate surgical procedures in an immersive VR environment prior to actual operation.  The surgeon also used MAI’s flagship product, BodyMap, as anatomy teaching material to interns and residents.

Pre-operative Surgical Planning
Live or Video Product Demonstrations for Health Seminar Events
Client: United Daily News     
Year: 2019

When United Daily News Group (UDNG) hosted a health seminar on the topic of stomach cancer at Eslite Bookstore in Xinyi, Taipei, MAI assisted in providing a live demonstration of BodyMap’s ability to let users visualize the length of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract involved during a simulated upper GI endoscopy procedure. 

This live demonstration facilitated the gastroenterologist guest speaker’s efforts in educating the audience about the importance of endoscopic screenings in early detection of stomach cancer and preventive measures.

MAI also produced a video demonstration of the same simulated procedure in case of any technical difficulties encountered during the live demonstration.

Proton Therapy Virtual Simulator
Client: Chang Gung Proton Therapy Center    
Year: 2017

MAI built a Proton Therapy virtual simulator for the purpose of treatment planning and collision prevention so that staff at Chang Gung Proton Therapy Center could better determine the optimal positioning of patients and simulate beam delivery prior to initiating proton therapy. 

VR reconstruction of the proton therapy gantry treatment room, equipment, and individual patient DICOM-RT images along with AI algorithm application for path planning and collision avoidance allowed staff to avoid potential collision of the rotating gantry with the couch and/or patient. The goal of this project was to decrease preparation time prior to initiating proton therapy and increase patient safety during treatment.

Proton Therapy Virtual Simulator
Institutional E-learning Portal
Client: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) 
Year: 2018 – present

MAI is assisting Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) to develop an online teaching portal for institutional use so that they may upload videos that they record using our VR-based acupuncture training solution (AcuMap). The goal of this initiative is to provide an e-learning portal to increase access to teaching and learning for educators and students within the institution.

In addition, BUCM is currently integrating this acupuncture training solution into the curriculum to teach students, within an immersive VR learning environment, how to more effectively identify and simulate needle insertion into high risk and dangerous acupoints.

Our acupuncture training solution was awarded as the sole national acupuncture training program in China.

Institutional E-learning Portal
We also welcome any requests for custom projects not listed in the project categories above. Please contact us to learn more.